Dinoprost Tromethamine

Dinoprost is an injectable and oral medication used to induce abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy. At this point in a pregnancy, the fetus is almost fully developed and it cannot be aborted using other means. This is a "clean" way of abortion as it induces premature labor which causes the fetus to be born before its due time. It has minimum risks of accidents compared to other abortion methods in the second trimester. There are many other uses of this drug although most of these other uses are to be strictly recommended by a doctor. For purposes of inducing labor, this is a drug that is used on pregnant women who carry their pregnancy past the regular 9 months. At this point the need for birth is crucial and an induction of labor is a must. In some cases, pregnant women choose to give birth before the due date and will elect to have induction of labor. There are many other reasons a doctor will recommend the induction of labor and this is one of them

There are many risks to using Dinoprost in the induction of labor, abortion or angiography and one has to be realistic concerning the perceived gains of using Dinoprost. The side effects can be huge and if one is not going to gain a lot from using Dinoprost, one should not use it. Some of the things your doctor has to consider before recommending the use of Dinoprost on you are your allergies and if you are nursing. There are some people who are highly sensitive and have allergies to many foods and preservatives. Nursing mothers who use Dinoprost can pass the drug to their children through their breast milk. This is unnecessarily medication of the child and given the fact that the immunity levels of the child are low at the time of nursing, you are going to subject to the side effects of Dinoprost.

Patients who are on other forms of medication need to ensure that this is brought to the attention of the doctor, whether this medication has been prescribed or not. People with decreased immunity from substance abuse or disease may not be the right candidates for the use of Dinoprost. Substance abuse like tobacco and hard drugs may react with the Dinoprost drug and cause further complications to the user. It is important to weight the perceived benefits of using this drug against the side effects of using it and make an informed decision. Given the many considerations that need to be put in mind before using Dinoprost, very few people are chosen as the right candidates. This is because people who suffer from the following diseases or have had a history of these diseases are never supposed to use the drug as it may influence its performance. Asthma, high blood pressure, pilepsy, anemia, diabetes, tumors, heart disease, low blood pressure, glaucoma, kidney or liver diseases. It triggers loss of blood in abortion and anemia patients may suffer. Dinoprost has been known to trigger seizures and epilepsy patients are not allowed to use it.